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Visitor's Guide
If you are new to Fowler Baptist Church or just visiting, we hope your visit is a good experience for you. We ask that all visitors please sign our guest book with a complete mailing address.

There is a lift for those who need assistance getting from one level to the next. It is located to the left of the main entrance. Someone will assist you if needed.

Information Table:
Just inside the entry doors of Fowler Baptist Church, to the left, is a long table. This is the information table. There you will find our guest book, a basket containing our monthly newsletter, a seasonal issue of "Our Daily Bread" devotionals, and other assorted reading items. These are free and you are welcome to help yourself.

On this table you will also find two clipboards. Both are for people who are members or who regularly attend our church. One holds the birthday/anniversary lists. These are set up one for each month. Regular attendees and members are asked to write their information for birthdays & anniversaries and update them as your family grows. We like to have this information so we can keep our calendar current. The other clipboard is for members and regular attendees to keep their mailing address, house address, phone numbers, and emails current. This way the office and the pastor have that information, which allows us to be in touch with you.

Coupons for Soldiers:
There is a basket labeled "Coupons for Soldiers" that we collect and send on. Outdated coupons are acceptable. Please place your coupons in that basket.

Cook Books:
The ABW (American Baptist Women) have their fundraising Cook Books located on this table. These cook books are $10.00 each. You may give your donation to any one of the ABW women of the church and they will pass it along to the ABW.

Rest Rooms: 
There are two rest rooms located in the hallway on the same level as the sanctuary, located to the left of the railing next to the stairs. The first rest room is equipped with a changing table for those with infants.

The door on the right just before entering the sanctuary will take you into the Nursery. This room is designed for parents who need to leave the service for any reason with their little one. This nursery is equipped with a speaker that allows those inside the room to still be able to hear the service. The large glass window allows you to see the service and what is going on outside the room. All children must be accompanied by an adult.

Grace Pantry Donations:
Located beside the lift on the upper level is a table with a large basket. This basket holds the Grace Pantry Item for the month. There will be a sign on the basket that will tell you what the item for the current month is. At the end of the month these items are donated to Grace Pantry. Please leave only the designated item for the month.

Bulletin Boards:
You will see several bulletin boards inside Fowler Baptist Church. Each one has a purpose. The bulletin board located between the rest rooms is designated for Missions information.

The bulletin board to the right just before you enter the sanctuary has information on things happening outside Fowler Baptist Church. You will find current info on camping, conferences, community outreach programs and other miscellaneous information.

The bulletin board to the left of the sanctuary doors has current information pertaining to things happening at Fowler Baptist Church or items of interest to those who attend Fowler Baptist Church. Please, check the bulletin boards often so you will be current on happenings you don't want to miss. This bulletin board also houses our sign-up lists for Pot Luck Luncheon sponsors, greeters, and CC volunteers as well as announcements for upcoming events.

Children's Church:
Following the Children's sermon the children are dismissed to downstairs where there is an adult who oversees Children's church for children ages 3 and up.

Prayer Request Box:
Located just to the left of the sanctuary doors is a small table that holds a small metal box and prayer request slips. You may fill out a slip or write your prayer request on a blank piece of paper and leave it in the box. The Tuesday morning prayer group will pick up your prayer requests and pray for those listed on your request slip.

Sunday School:
Sunday school at Fowler Baptist Church begins at 9:00am
Class Leader Location
Adult Harry Smithers Church Building - Sanctuary
Children Dee Putnam Church Building - Downstairs
The office is located on the lower level, turn right coming down the stairs.